About The Author

Lleonn Rao AuthorLleaon Rao is an Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Blogger, Entrepreneur and Author . She began to pursue alternative remedies and organic products that could be used for beauty care. What she discovered through years of research is quite miraculous. There is a vast array of natural and organic products that can be used that will not only benefit your skin and your body, but are also much cheaper and come with none of the irritable side effects.

​Every woman has an inherent beauty within her. This is the mantra that Lleaon praises and helps us all believe in. We do not need overpriced products that are chock full of expensive fillers.

Lleaon has dedicated the past decade of her life researching, analyzing and experimenting with different beauty care solutions and recipes and has put together a number of resources that you can use to make a positive change in the way you look and feel. Lleaon’s Anti Aging Beauty Secrets E-Book, Lleonn’s Organic Eye Care recipes and her daily blog are all created with you in mind. The blog, recipes and secrets that are put together by Lleaon are not just slung together to turn a profit. The information that is shared throughout these resources and materials is meant as a tool to empower all women. All women have a magical beauty within them. Lleaon is committed to helping you display that beauty to the world and in turn, making you feel more beautiful within yourself.

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